Dear clients!

We inform you: due to the transition to a new payment system, customers from partners will receive VAT refunds within 30 days. The transition period will last 3-4 months, at the same time, it will not entail any difficulties for customers, and all work will also steadily pass in the standard mode.

We remind you that according to our Terms of Use, the maximum period for the payment of VAT refund is 90 days, but the TaxFree4U team does everything possible to shorten this period.

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Dear Clients!

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We are pleased to present you the TaxFree Wallet – a convenient tool for controlling the movement of your funds received from the VAT refund.

All declarations are consolidated in one window. You can choose when and what declarations you want to receive a refund. To do this, go to the “Withdraw” dialog, mark these declarations and click the “Withdraw” button. You can track the status of the withdrawal request in the “Withdrawal history” window.

We constantly strive to improve our service so that TaxFree4U users receive the maximum number of services related to VAT refund. Enjoy shopping and watch for the transfer of funds in real time – we will do all the work for you!

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Lifehacks from TaxFree4U: how to distinguish a fake thing from the original?


“We are not so rich to buy cheap things” – this statement is attributed to the Rockefellers, but, anyway, it fits perfectly into the modern world: stores are filled with expensive and not very forgery, replicas and just copies of everything, anything. Shopping centers give the opportunity to buy a “real” IphonX for several thousand (and far from dollars), authentic jeans from Guchchi and all the famous “ABIBAS”. On the other hand, even in elite multi-brand boutiques and branded stores, you can face a fake, which will lose marketability in a couple of weeks after the purchase. How can this be avoided? Follow the rules from TaxFree4U and your purchase will never be overshadowed by the disappointment of buying a fake.

We recommend you to make purchases only in checked places, and ideally in boutiques in Europe: it is there where you can buy real branded items, and with the help of the TaxFree4U application you can also return VAT to 19% from purchases.
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Lovely Women!

Spring is in the yard, which means it’s time to get dresses, thin jackets and shoes from the closet. Not far off thawed pavement and admiring glances. However, spring does not begin until your Day comes. It is for you that we dedicate the day that is marked in the calendar with the number 8 in the March sheet.

You make us happy every day throughout the year, despite the weather conditions, the foreign policy environment and tons of work. We thank you for your daily feats for the glory of beauty and aesthetics. We want every day of the year for you to be yours, Women’s Day.

We wish you harmony, happiness to be yourself, the opportunity to be beautiful and desire to strive for beauty. Since March 8 you!

Your faithful fan, service TaxFree4U

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From Italy with love: what to bring from the trip to parents and relatives of older age?

Italy is a paradise for those who dream of fashion shopping: an endless number of boutiques, shopping centers and outlets can satisfy even the most demanding customers. However, there is an urgent problem of how to please parents, what can they bring to their grandparents, or maybe their aunt and uncle?




Service TaxFree4U has prepared for you a list of recommendations that will help you find a suitable souvenir for your parents “From Italy with Love.” And do not forget: with our mobile application you can return up to 19% VAT on purchases made not only in Italy, but also in France, Germany, Spain, Britain and Finland.

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Dear users of the TaxFree4U app!


We congratulate you on Valentine’s Day and wish you to find your soul mate if you are still looking for, or some bright moments with your loved one if your fate is already close. Remember that gifts are good not only on holidays, but the best way to say that you love is to travel together. Europe is waiting for you and offers opportunities to do the best shopping, visit famous places and just relax, whispering pleasant words under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower or the Sagrada Familia.

The application TaxFree4U will allow you not to save on emotions, returning up to 19% VAT on purchases made in Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Spain and Finland.

Enjoy the love – we will do all the work for you!4545455

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The best outlets in Europe

In order to buy the real thing of the famous brand, it isn’t necessary to organize fights on the Champs-Elysees during winter sales. It is enough to visit one of the Europe outlets. The biggest and most famous – in the material from TaxFree4U. Don’t forget: with the mobile application you will be able to return up to 19% VAT on purchases during your shopping in the largest outlets in Europe.


Enjoy shopping – TaxFree4U will do all the work for you!

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Museum Europe: TaxFree4U choice

Any tourist trip, whether it’s a shopping tour, a business visit or a simple holiday cannot do without excursions and self-visit attractions. London, Paris, Madrid, like other capitals of European countries, can boast a huge number of architectural monuments and collections of treasures of various epochs.

In order that you don’t get lost in this kaleidoscope of expositions and exhibitions, the TaxFree4U service has prepared a list of museums for you, which are definitely worth a visit, if you get such a case. And do not forget: next to the museums there are always a lot of shops, where you can certainly find souvenirs for loved ones. And TaxFree4U will allow you to save time and effort for enjoying masterpieces of art and technology, taking on all the work on VAT refunds from purchases in Europe. So, let’s begin!


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5 rules for choosing a good hotel for shopping

Europe gives an opportunity to spend an unforgettable vacation at any time of the year. The New Year holidays have already passed, but winter discounts have just started to gain momentum, and in the largest shopping centers you cannot get through from people who want to get branded items at a significant discount.


You can write capacious volumes about shops, shopping centers and outlets, but how to choose a hotel that will meet all the requirements of a modern tourist and not be hit by a pocket – you need a tourist experience. Alternatively, you can use the advice of the TaxFree4U service, and you can go through the bills again to save money.

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