Lifehacks from TaxFree4U: how to distinguish a fake thing from the original?


“We are not so rich to buy cheap things” – this statement is attributed to the Rockefellers, but, anyway, it fits perfectly into the modern world: stores are filled with expensive and not very forgery, replicas and just copies of everything, anything. Shopping centers give the opportunity to buy a “real” IphonX for several thousand (and far from dollars), authentic jeans from Guchchi and all the famous “ABIBAS”. On the other hand, even in elite multi-brand boutiques and branded stores, you can face a fake, which will lose marketability in a couple of weeks after the purchase. How can this be avoided? Follow the rules from TaxFree4U and your purchase will never be overshadowed by the disappointment of buying a fake.

We recommend you to make purchases only in checked places, and ideally in boutiques in Europe: it is there where you can buy real branded items, and with the help of the TaxFree4U application you can also return VAT to 19% from purchases.

Rules from TaxFree4U


  1. Don’t chase the discounts. If the smiling saler in a secret half-whisper informs you that only today and only in their store there will be a grand sale of a batch of genuine Louis Vuitton handbags at ridiculous prices with a discount of 90%, you know – you are being deceived and exactly the same bags are in exactly the same “boutique ” across the road. It is on these novice tourists that the market of counterfeit products keeps even in the major cities of Europe, such as Paris, Milan and Madrid. Remember: too large discounts should give an occasion to become more circumspect.
  2. Don’t trust questionable stores. The best way to find out whether a particular seller is an official representative is to go to the brand site that interests you and see the addresses. On the other hand, not always the information is updated in a timely manner, so the second option will give a 100% result: ask the seller for a certificate of product conformity. If for some reason he can not provide it (ate a dog, kidnapped by aliens, etc.) – you are probably an unreliable representative of business.
  3. If you like something in the store and you doubt its authenticity, leave it for 5 minutes (you can even take it with you to the dressing room). Go to the official website of the brand and look for the distinctive features of the model:
  • place for logo;
  • data on the label;
  • color variations;
  • average price;
  • articles of the goods and parties;

4. Cosmetics should fully comply with the claimed samples. If the picture on the site though in small does not correspond to what you want to sell – you have a fake. One of the signs that you want to be deceived is the gaps between the parts or the loose-fitting lids.


  1. Font is one of the features of the original. One of the main “problems” of fakes – the creators can not always find the corporate font, which the brand creators order from designers and it is not freely available.
  2. The barcode cannot lie. If the label or package says that the goods are manufactured in China in a licensed factory, then the bar code must also be Chinese. If there is a dissonance – before you a fake. To check the conformity of a thing to the claimed barcode, use special applications and sites.
  3. Only the buyer can open the package. If the seller says that the package was damaged during transportation, or the manufacturer sent a marriage – demand a substantial discount or check three times, because it is likely that you want to cheat and sell you a substandard product.

8. The quality can be determined by eye. The brand always (even in mass-market collections) uses quality materials, the seams are even and stitched. Even if you don’t have the original for reference at hand and you can’t be exactly sure, look carefully at the thing and material: shoes from kozhzama can be seen immediately, as well as synthetic shirts. The accessories on the original things are always branded: the brand name can be seen on rivets, zippers, seams and so on.


A wise decision – buying an original and refunding VAT

Fakes can be learned instantly or in a few minutes, guided by these simple rules and your trip to European shops will become even more pleasant: you will not be deceived and you will get really high-quality things, whether it’s purchases in Serravalle outlet or on sales of the Champs Elysees. Reasonable approach and attention are the main rules for buying real clothes, accessories, perfumes and shoes from well-known brands. And thanks to the mobile application TaxFree4U, you can return up to 19% VAT on purchases in most stores in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK.

You can download the application in AppStore & GooglePlay.