The best outlets in Europe

In order to buy the real thing of the famous brand, it isn’t necessary to organize fights on the Champs-Elysees during winter sales. It is enough to visit one of the Europe outlets. The biggest and most famous – in the material from TaxFree4U. Don’t forget: with the mobile application you will be able to return up to 19% VAT on purchases during your shopping in the largest outlets in Europe.


Enjoy shopping – TaxFree4U will do all the work for you!

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Museum Europe: TaxFree4U choice

Any tourist trip, whether it’s a shopping tour, a business visit or a simple holiday cannot do without excursions and self-visit attractions. London, Paris, Madrid, like other capitals of European countries, can boast a huge number of architectural monuments and collections of treasures of various epochs.

In order that you don’t get lost in this kaleidoscope of expositions and exhibitions, the TaxFree4U service has prepared a list of museums for you, which are definitely worth a visit, if you get such a case. And do not forget: next to the museums there are always a lot of shops, where you can certainly find souvenirs for loved ones. And TaxFree4U will allow you to save time and effort for enjoying masterpieces of art and technology, taking on all the work on VAT refunds from purchases in Europe. So, let’s begin!


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5 rules for choosing a good hotel for shopping

Europe gives an opportunity to spend an unforgettable vacation at any time of the year. The New Year holidays have already passed, but winter discounts have just started to gain momentum, and in the largest shopping centers you cannot get through from people who want to get branded items at a significant discount.


You can write capacious volumes about shops, shopping centers and outlets, but how to choose a hotel that will meet all the requirements of a modern tourist and not be hit by a pocket – you need a tourist experience. Alternatively, you can use the advice of the TaxFree4U service, and you can go through the bills again to save money.

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It’s not far off new 2018 year.

artboard-894xFollowing the tradition, TaxFree4U wants to share with you the successes we achieved last year due to the well-coordinated work of all employees of our company. However, we don’t forget that we owe you our victories, dear customers. Thank you for choosing TaxFree4U as an expert on VAT refund.

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Dear users of the TaxFree4U app!


On the courtyard of Christmas Eve, celebrating in most countries of the world from the Falkland Islands to Alaska. Everywhere the chime of Christmas bells is heard, it is customary to sum up the outgoing year, prepare for the holiday and thank others for good deeds.

We, the TaxFree4U service, are immensely pleased that this year you shared with us your joys, making purchases in Europe: every your travel, every impression, every shopping trip made up your memories. We thank you, our beloved customers, for trusting us the opportunity to make your stay in the countries of Europe 19% more wonderful.

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TaxFree4U opens shop at Milan and Rome airports

Technologically advanced and fully-digital online VAT refund specialist TaxFree4U gets down ta business at premier Italian airports.

21х10 Logo

Uber-cool, easy to use, and oh-u-convenient , located across six European nations including ltaly, taxfree mobile appTaxFree4U has collaborated with ground-handling company ITR Handling to launch lts exclusive airport host service ln the exciting, super cities of Millan and Rome.

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Shopping with TaxFree4U: a guide to Europe for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

The mobile application TaxFree4U will help you to return up to 19% VAT on purchases in stores of European capitals
The capital of the United Kingdom during the Christmas holidays turns into a real paradise for shopaholics: the famous British brands are able to get things from the upper rulers at the most tasty price (discount in some boutiques can reach 90%). According to the rules of British shopping, discounts start the day after Christmas and last until the end of January (26.12-31.01).
Due to the tradition, the most interesting shops are located in the central areas of London, such as Mayfair and Soho, so for the convenience of movement you can choose cabs – a more expensive but comfortable sort of transport. Either use subway (with purchases it will be difficult). It’s allow you to move around London quickly, especially at rush hour. For example, the distance from Piccadilly to the Blackfriars Bridge in a traffic jam can be traveled in 40 minutes (distance – 3.5 km). So, planning to spend a lot of time in traffic jams, if you want to visit every sale. Avoid conventional taxis – drivers of this type of transport, most often, do not know the city and navigate through the navigator. With ordinary taxi drivers, the road from one store to the other can “eat” most of the time.
The most “tasty” offers await you at Carnaby Street, Covent Garden, Knightsbridge and Kings Road. These are the streets where expensive boutiques Dior, Chanel, Burberry are located. On the other hand, in the Mayfair area and on Bond Street you will find boutique haute couture shops and authorial shops that will offer you the most unusual things. In addition, there are fewer tourists here than in most shopping centers for Christmas, so shopping will turn from a battle for the thing you need into a relaxing activity.

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